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What I'm fighting for

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

I wrote this song about the things I am fighting for, as opposed to the things I am against.

Fighting for, I go further than fighting against. I don't want to fight against obstacles that feel like unsurmountable walls. I rather not have to fight, but if I have to I rather do it for the things and causes I believe in rather than against what does not let me reach.

A lot of these lyrics is about things to fight for about being a woman, from daily microaggression to self disbelief, and societal expectations and assumptions. From insecurity in the street (walking at night with the keys in my hand and hoping for the best) to being judged for the way one dresses, everydays sexism, or internalised remains of traditional and obsolete gender roles.

The song is self explanatory, with a list of things I "don't want"... to later realise that what I really want is not to be thinking on the many things I don't want, but actually a way to go far beyond that. "I don't want to stay stuck" gets transformed into "I want to go far and beyond".

Of course, I am also singing it and playing keyboards. Fran Marin added synths and recorded the song in his studio in London. Thank you Fran, you are wonderful!

I would love to make this a video one day, and I am thankful to my teacher in power dynamics and self awareness, Kasia Urbaniak, for inspiring this song and the courage to make the changes I did not think where possible, as I learnt to make the invisible visible, and the impossible, possible.

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