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Get to Know Me

Welcome to my website!

Let me tell you a little about me

I have been a voice teacher for more than twenty years, having studied voice professionally, dedicating the first part of my career to being a performing musician in Early Music and later in Contemporary Improvisation. 

With my initial interest in the voice, I have a holistic understanding of not just how to to use your voice effectively, but also how to present yourself to a public and communicate what you are passionate about. My experience include teaching in numerous specialist professional schools, including the famous Spanish Theatre and TV school, TAI. 

This work led me to develop another passion, and that is understanding behaviour and how to catch the attention non only of an audience, but how to better engage with my students, deal with difficult behaviours and promote change. 

As many passions, it started out of a deep need. I never felt I was the most gifted at setting boundaries or engaging my own students. I would find it hard to react when there was serious misbehaviour, conflict and even abusive situations. But my love for teaching and supporting people made me want to learn how to reach out and manage those sometimes difficult situations, engaging better and dealing better with conflict. 

I really wanted to find ways to be able to teach, get my message through, be listened and be able to deal with the sometimes difficult situations of both the professional and personal world. . This took me to study coaching, counselling, power dynamics, communication, behaviour management and verbal self defense. 

I have worked for luxury markets and in deprived areas, I have delivered workshops for refugees, homeless, in mental health settings and hospitals, and in recent years I have worked for the British Red Cross, supporting people in crisis and with complex needs. This has given me many opportunities to have difficult conversations, and also to support others, for which I am grateful. 

I believe that your voice is not just to make pretty sounds, but to allow you to say what you want and express your needs, to  highlight what needs to change and to aim for better. I currently make use of it as radio host, and still stream my music and the music and voices of others, so we can bring change together.

Let me introduce you to my world in even more detail

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