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My podcast on the Rise of Single Lonely Men made it to top 1 in Mixcloud

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

You know that feeling when nothing happens for a long time...until everything happens at a time? Mine these days.

I was consistently creating episodes for Beware The Radio, pieces talking about music, education, relatioships... not really worried about the listeners rate. This week my podcast in Mixcloud, a platform with 17 million of international users, has crawled up to number 1 in Lifestyle episodes! And number 2 in the category of Education!

Really unexpected, but the feeling is similar to the image of trying to break a stone. You might have to hit many times, and see that nothing happens, and with persistance, there is the one hit that breaks it in the way it was intended.

I am just happy to get heard and spread information that I find interesting,useful, or opinions, because we all like to have a space where to say what we think. So this is my episode comenting "The Rise of Single, Lonely Men" by Greg Matos, with Elisa Clava and Ishti, two relationship and Tantra coaches, and wonderful friends of mine.

Check it out here!

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