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Mindful Singing

If Mindfulness is about observation without criticism and focusing in the observation of emotions and physical sensations, Mindful  Singing is about how observing and feeling how your voice feels in your body and mind.

Take your voice home

This workshops are oriented to the general public who would like to get an approach to voice production and singing that is close to meditation and self exploration.

You already know how much singing can improve wellbeing and health, but might want to participate in a singing activity with an approach that is closer to meditation and self exploration.


Experience a meditative side of vocal practice.


contain breathing exercises, sound meditation, chanting, massage with your voice vibration, and Primal Singing Integrative … leaving behind competitiveness and performance-related stress,  so that you can relax, let your voice go and enjoy the process.

Online and In Person, what are the advantages of each?

You can engage in Mindful Singing both online or in person. 

Both types of delivery are different although both are Mindful Singing, and depending on your circumstances and availability you can benefit from either.

In Person

If you are local to me and want a regular workshop for a number of weeks, or if you are not local and want me to travel to you for some intensive sessions or for a retreat, this is a good option.

Listening to the sound of voices together and feeling the energy of others is actually the best way to develop aural skills and your blending with the group. We will be able to not only do excersises but also sing and chant together and make the most of that feeling of unity that singing as a group can immediately give to participants. 

This is ideal for a weekly gathering, or for a number of weeks if I can travel to you in a 40 miles radium from North Hampshire. 


This is a good resource for when participants cannot get together for many reasons or you want to get it delivered internationally. The activities are designed to make the most of the situation of not being able to sound exactly at the same time and make the most of it, so any song or chant that we learn is chosen having this in mind and actually, as part of the Mindfulness we integrate those aspects in the way the workshop is done. Blending activities and ways to integrate participants in the session are an important part of it, and it is an opportunity to get to know better people you perhaps would have never met because of distance. It can be a good oportunity to relax and connect with participants in an international meeting, or for participants who are housebound or cannot attend in person sessions for any reason.

You can check my blog post about how I understand online singing workshops.


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