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Life Force

There are different things that can make you feel you are in touch with your lifeforce, that type of energy that makes you feel more alive in whatever you are doing or thinking. I notice my life force in many ways.

When I learn from my sucess, from what works for me and feels good

When I connect with my body and feel good and safe in it

When I notice my body vibrate to the sounds or my voice

When I know I can't be silenced 

When I feel free in my body and my thinking

When I acknowledge that what seemed impossible is possible

When I know I have the tools to work through my emotions

When I allow myself to sing and speak freely

When I can ask for what I want and how I want it with no fear or guilt

When I find inner calm in the sound of my own voice and the feeling of my released breath

When joining in song with others gives me a special sense of connection and sharing

When I buzz in joy after I feel I can effectively keep my personal space

When I smile to myself as I center my body and mind, and I feel ready

                                                   ...I can feel my Life Force

                                                                 making my body tingle

                                                                                 and leading me in the direction of my purpose.


                                                                                                                                               Maria Soriano

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